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  • What we do at CRICS?

    Our research focuses on creating and deploying theory-driven practical systems that span multiple disciplines, including machine learning and deep learning systems, networks and distributed systems, network optimization, cloud and edge computing, and storage systems.

  • Research

    Our research work involves the use of machine learning techniques to improve the performance of flash-based storage systems. This improvement reflects in two major directions – improving reliability, and the response time of flash-based storage devices. Flash drives are used widely as a persistent form of storage in mobile devices, laptops, and cloud servers, and […]

  • Publications and Patents

    PATENTS Method for Accelerating Image Storing And Retrieving Differential Latency Storage Devices Based On Access Rates(Patent ID: 16/708429) Inventors: Olarig, Paul, Schwaderer, David, Chakraborttii, Chandranil. Applicant: Samsung Electronics A Machine Learning method for SSD based Image Processing targeting Self-driving vehicles (Patent ID: 16/826066) Inventors: Olarig, Paul, Schwaderer, David, Chakraborttii, Chandranil. Applicant: Samsung Electronics ACCEPTED PUBLICATIONS Deep Learning-based […]

  • People

    Faculty Chandranil Chakraborttii Chandranil leads the CRICS research lab and works as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Trinity College. For more information, please visit his faculty profile or his personal webpage. Students Enock Niyonkuru Enock is an undergraduate student at Trinity College, currently in his junior year of college. He has founded a […]

  • Datasets

    Publicly available open-sourced traces used in our projects. All traces were collected at the Block IO level. YCSB RocksDB SSD Virtual Desktop Interface (SYSTOR) Tencent Block Storage Alibaba MS Enterprise Server MSR Cambridge Note: Please include a citation to Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) if you use these traces. You can also consider citing our […]

  • Looking for students to join CRICS

    We are looking for great students to join the lab. If you are interested in joining our research lab, please get in contact with Dr. Chakraborttii. We also have an open Postdoc position. If you are interested in data center storage systems or machine learning techniques to improve network traffic, please get in touch.

  • News:

    Paper accepted at NVMW 2022. Hanyang and Jonas join the Summer Research Program 2022 Enock starts his internship at Robinson Lab. Research Collaboration with cPacket started Jonas gets Dean’s scholarship Press Release: Joining Trinity College Press release: Getting hired  Workshop paper on Explaining SSD Failures accepted at NVMW 2021 Paper on Reducing Write Amplification in […]